Saturday, January 23, 2010


This is a warning that I received from Iowa Right to Life, please pray.

Planned Parenthood Starting Walk-In Abortions All Over Iowa

Planned Parenthood is in the final stages of a scheme to provide no appointment, walk-in abortions without a physicians on site. How will they do this? By offering dangerous RU-486 chemical abortions at all of their locations, with a Des Moines-based abortionist consulting by web cam.

More Profitable for Planned Parenthood, More Dangerous for Women

It get worse, Planned Parenthood does not follow FDA Protocol for RU-486. Planned Parenthood gives women a cheaper combination of the pills in an RU-486 abortion, against the recommendations for the Food and Drug Administration*, which makes these abortions more profitable for the abortion group and more dangerous for women.

Planned Parenthood also cuts back the number of appointments that the FDA recommends for an RU-486 abortion from three to two, which also increases Planned Parenthood's profits by reducing office and staffing expenses.

The FDA says that RU-486 abortions should not be performed on women more than 49 days into a women's pregnancy. But Planned Parenthood offers RU-486 up to 63 days after the first day of a women's last period. This way, Planned Parenthood expands their profitable RU-486 abortions, at the expense of women's safety.

Women Facing Their Abortion Alone

RU-486 abortions are less messy for Planned Parenthood and more traumatizing for women, because the women are forced to deal with the blood and the dead baby at home- alone. RU-486 abortions take longer and are bloodier than a surgical abortion.

Rachael"s testimony: A true story of what women go through.

Rachel took the first of two drugs at Planned Parenthood that day and "felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I could literally feel it. It was the first time I understood what that phrase meant."

But no moment since has been quite so weightless. What happened to Rachel afterwards was nothing short of a horrific nightmare.

When she woke up and went to the bathroom the morning after taking the second part of the dangerous abortion drugs, she felt crampy and achy. She looked down and saw the unborn baby.

She looked at the baby for a long time because the bay was bigger than she expected. She stared for what seemed like an hour--frozen, tired.

"It seemed rude to flush it, " she thought to herself. "I should be having a burial or something." But then she heard her daughter awaken and thought, "Well, you have to get on with your day."

Iowa women like Rachel are at risk emotionally and physically. The FDA should recall this drug and Iowa should have "Informed Consent" and reporting of abortion complications!

We cannot fight this battle without your help. Iowa Right to Life is working to protect life.

Planned Parent hood will be targeting your daughters, your sisters, your neighbors and your friends. Please help Iowa Right to Life stop them. Your donations will help us warn women and families of the dangers of Planned Parenthood's latest scheme.

Please help us by sending what you can. Your gift is a tax deductible educational donation.

Sincerely yours,

Kim Lehman

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