Monday, September 14, 2009

Iowa Right to Life

Saturday Cara, Melanie and I took a van load of books to the Iowa Right To Life book drop in Des Monies. Every year the Iowa Right to Life has two book sales and all the proceeds go to the Pregnancy centers in Iowa. This was the first time we were able to she what they do.

This is Cara unloading the van. The area above her head is all the donations they have gotten from other people. We were blessed to get many books from lots of people for this trip. I think the next trip we want to take two trucks full of books.

This is inside the building, all of the boxes are a different topic of book. They organize them before they take the books to the sale. This is just the drop off point, the sale is in another building.

And here is the sale, this was in the little Colosseum across from the Wes Fargo stadium. This was full of tables and all kinds of books, computer software, home school curriculum etc. It was amazing.

Here is Melanie and I looking at the kids books. They had so much to choose from, Melanie could not make up her mind what to get.

Here is Cara, She found what she wanted. She is all over that.

I just could not get over all the books we saw, there were so many, They keep the sale going for five days, and when we were there, there really was not many people. But they came in slowly.

The prices of the books were reasonable also, I was so impressed with it. The bibles were free will donations and the rest of the books were from fifty cents to two dollars. If you would like to know more about Iowa Right to Life, go here.

Thank you to all that donated books for our trip to Des Monies. We had a blast and it was so awesome to see how they raise the money to support this ministry. If you would like more information about our center please call 712-623-2999 or 712-621-5157. God bless you.

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