Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome to our Blog

Hello from the Pregnancy Center of South West Iowa. I am Tanya Ross and I am part of the Centers team. We have been a part of Red Oak for about eight years. We are a Non Profit organization and we are ran by volunteers. We have a wonderful group of volunteers and other staff member who pray for the organization and they do other handy jobs that we need done. Here let me introduce some of our volunteers and give you some information about the center.

From left to right: Janet Wheat, Cara Crawford, Pastor Alan Dean and Tanya Ross.

This is from a Volunteer Luncheon that we gave to the volunteers last spring. We honored Janet Wheat for her role as a director and one of the first people open the center.

This is Melanie and Cara in front of the Firehouse Restaurant in Red Oak, Iowa.

Here is Janet out in the court yard of the Firehouse with the award that we gave her. She is still a small part of the center, but she felt that she needed to move on to another ministry. She is well missed and she did an awesome job.
And this is the plaque that we gave Janet. It is so precious, it represents what the center is all about. I just love the way that it sums up our direction. In other post, I hope to tell you some history of the center and introduce you to more of our volunteers. If you are in a situation with an unplanned pregnancy, please contact us or come in and lets talk. God bless you.

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Susan said...

Tanya, this looks great. You have done such a good job on this site. Look forward to seeing what the Lord is doing with this ministry.
Love, Susan