Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The New Beginning Program

At the center we have a program called "The New Beginnings Program." This program offers the Father and Mother a chance to collect items for their new baby. We offer diaper from new born to three, shampoo, wipes, lotion, baby powder, clothing, shoes, furniture (except for car seats).

The young parents go out into the community and earn points. For example, they go to WIC, or a doctors appointment, getting their GED, bible studies, stop smoking, memorize bible scriptures or attend one of our classes. The parent then gets their point tallied up and they can shop.

It gives the parents a chance to build their own baby room for their small child on the way or keep up with the growing needs of their child after it is born. It is a wonderful program and we really love the donations that come in. And it is exciting to see the parents raise their points and go shopping.

Like I said, if you would like to donate to the center, you can drop off donations when we are opened or you can drop them off in the drop box on our porch. We take baby and toddler clothes from 0-4T, diapers, baby shampoo, power, lotions, oils, and wipes. We are currently not taking Car Seats right now.

If you know of any women who knows that she is pregnant and needs the help, send her down to the center. We would love to meet her and provide her with ways to get ready for the new baby.

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